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How to use your butter

Want to get the most out of your Hair Butter? Through proper use, this 100% natural Hair Butter will help your hair to become healthy and beautiful. Please invest the time to reading all of the information on this page and watching the videos.

Rule number one: Always use the hair butter on wet or damp hair (especially if you have natural or curly/afro hair). Personally, I get my hair almost dripping wet before applying the butter.

Water will activate your curl pattern, activate the healing properties of the Hair Butter, keep your hair looking hydrated for longer and the wetter you get your hair the less product you'll need to use. 

Use a 
fine mist spray bottle to wet your hair, or simply give hair a quick rinse in the shower before using your Hair Butter.

Do not be scared of water! Allow this Hair Butter to change your life and change the relationship you have with water and you will finally learn that water, along with this Hair Butter, are your best friends.

1. How I use the Hair Butter to activate and create gorgeous, bouncy curls:

2. How I use the Hair Butter as an overnight treatment to repair damaged hair and create long and healthy hair:

Don't be alarmed if....

1.) You find that tiny beads or small chunks of butter have formed in your tub of butter. Due to our use of fresh natural ingredients, and zero synthetic additives, you may find that tiny beads, or small chunks that feel quite solid, have formed in your hair butter. These are parts of butter that cooled off faster than the rest during the setting process. These are harmless and do not affect the function of the product and will melt when rubbed between your hands. 


2.) You find that product appearance varies from batch to batch. Due to the fact that we do not use any synthetic ingredients, our butter is temperature sensitive. This means that in warmer conditions melting can occur which can result in a change of product appearance. To help keep your product in optimum condition, please store in a cool dry place. Please note that regardless of the appearance or consistency of your butter, it will do the same fantastic job in your hair. 

2.) You find that the butter turns white when applied to wet hair. This is absolutely normal as oil and water don't mix well together. Once your wet hair dries this will sort itself out.

Tip: Always rub the butter between your palms so it completely melts before applying to hair.


Want more tips? Be sure to refer to the booklet that came with your order.

Experiment! We all have different hair textures. So please have fun and experiment with different ways to use the butter to achieve your desired results.

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