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"My hair went from damaged and falling out, to healthy and flourishing."

- Chantel Sachanna

I was in my teens when my hair became very damaged. I remember feeling really embarrassed bumping into old friends as they would always ask if I’d cut my hair, but I hadn’t, it was just falling out.

I will never forget the day when my mum asked me: “Chantel, is your hair falling out on your pillow?” My poor mother was concerned to witness her young daughter’s hair loss. It was at that point where I knew I had to take action. I was far too young to be losing my hair.

Through extensive research and lots of late nights staying up to experiment with a range of fruit oils, herbs and flowers, I created a gorgeous, creamy hair butter. I fed my hair with this miraculous butter every single day.

And the result? Thick, full, shiny, long hair that grew more than I ever knew was possible. The damaged hair I had became a thing of the past and I was left with unrecognisably healthy hair. THIS STUFF WORKS.

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Learn more about my journey in this video below:

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Proud to be one of the safest hair butters on earth

No nasty ingredients with names you’ve never heard of, no preservatives, no chemicals, no harsh perfumes, no drying alcohol and absolutely cruelty-free. This butter has also been assessed and found to comply with the requirements of current EU and US cosmetic regulations.

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