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Privacy Policy

The use of this website, and all products provided by Chantel Sachanna is subject to this privacy policy which applies to all users, visitors and customers. By using this website, or purchasing products or by Chantel Sachanna you agree to this Privacy Policy and acknowledge reading it. Accessing this website and online services by Chantel Sachanna constitutes as use of the website and services and an acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

We will collect information about you through the operation of this website and online services provided by Chantel Sachanna. This privacy policy is an explanation of how we will use this data. This policy may change from time to time and can be checked at any time.

Should you disagree with this privacy policy please discontinue use of this website and all of Chantel Sachanna’'s services immediately.

In this privacy policy Chantel Sachanna, and property belonging to Chantel Sachanna may be referred to as 'our' 'we' 'us'. Users, visitors and customers of the site may be referred to as 'you' and 'your'.


We collect voluntary data you provide us, including your email address and name in order for you to receive our products and content. There is also personal data that may be collected when you fill out a form, communicate with us via social media, use our website or communicate with us via phone or any other medium.

We may use your data for the use of our website or services, which may include behavioural patterns of our website or services, IP address, operating system, geographical location, and browser type. This data is collected through our tracking systems, including Facebook Pixels. This data is used to analyze the use of Chantel Sachanna property including this website, online services and physical products so that we can enhance your user experience including which content you receive and our advertising choices. The legal basis for this usage is for our interest in monitoring and improving our marketing, services, and website. 

When you purchase a product or a service, or fill out a form you may be required to provide us with data such as an email address, name, telephone, credit-card number, and other information and data relevant to the purchase of our products which we will process. The legal basis for processing this data is consent and your voluntary action to provide us with this data and your affirmative action to enter into such contract with us and delivery of the contract between you and us.

When you subscribe to our email marketing, newsletter, products, free content as well as any communication you send us through social media, or other forms of communication methods such as posting on this website or any of our online platforms we may collect personal information, and the basis of us processing this information is for our legitimate interests to grow our business, provide our customers with relevant and useful information. We may also use this data to defend or pursue a legal action should this arise.
By providing us with the above data you consent to our process and usage of this data for the purposes detailed herein this privacy policy.

You consent that any and all personal data and information you provide you have the rights to provide and use, and you release us from any claim arising from you providing us with false information, or personal data or information that you do not have the right to use.


The information and data you provide us may be used to deliver advertisements to you. These include advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and any similar advertisements. The legal basis for this type of usage is our legitimate interest to grow our business through advertising, and we may also use such information and data to further analyze the performance of our marketing.


The information and data you provide may be used to send your email marketing communications. You can opt out of receiving such communications at any time using the 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of each email.


Any personal data or information is only kept for as long as required for us to perform our services as a business. We will not keep your data for any longer than is necessary to fulfil our obligations or to satisfy a legal requirement. Should your data no longer meet any of the above requirements it will be disposed of in a secure manner. In some cases your data will be kept indefinitely in an anonymized format for the purpose of research.


You have the right to object to our use of your personal data as detailed in this privacy policy. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if you believe our processing of your data has infringed data protection laws.

Changes to this privacy policy may be made from time to time. Please check frequently.



This website and our products and services are owned by Chantel Sachanna.

Should you wish to contact us about this privacy policy please do so by completing the contact form on our contact page here.

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