"I was determined to create a lifestyle that offered radical happiness and freedom, rather than my current situation which scared the hell out of me - working for someone else 5 days out of 7 where I felt unfulfilled and unhappy."

- Chantel Sachanna



I’m Chantel and I’m a Business Success Coach who absolutely loves life!


The people I work with understand the power of urgency, they understand that the time to start or grow their business is NOW! They recognise the incredible contribution and impact they can make to the world when they show up as their highest self.

As a Business Success Coach I show you how to make more money in your business. I also teach you how to live a life that brings more fulfilment, happiness and goodness than you could ever dream of.

​You know that person who absolutely adores life, has a successful business, makes powerful moves and is making everybody, including themselves, super proud? I teach you how to be THAT person.

I struggle to find the exact words to describe how it feels to run your dream business. And I want to teach you the secrets. Because you deserve it.

"I graduated from university with a 2:1 degree, yet I was working in a job that paid peanuts. I was being paid less than my friends without a degree. But for years I stayed on a salary that just did not reflect my skills, or talents. I had no idea of my worth. I was frustrated and angry with my situation and with myself." - Chantel Sachanna

I always settled for low paid jobs. And they made me feel trapped, caged in and I wanted to explode as I just was not making any progress in my career.

I was also battling with a stammer that was making me miserable. There were times when I couldn't even say my own name and telephone calls were a hugely scary and stressful experience for me, as my words just wouldn't come out. And to be honest, I felt like a failure and I felt that the entire world was judging me and thinking I was stupid.

So I started to suppress my ability and I started to settle with a mediocre life.

One day, I was in a restaurant ordering food and my words just would not come out.  The stammer I had was getting worse. The restaurant staff looked at me like I was an idiot and made me feel so worthless. I remember leaving the restaurant in tears and feeling completely embarrassed.


This was my breaking point. I was in my late 20's and I knew if I didn't take action now, this stammer would continue to get worse.

I started practising my speech at every opportunity, I watched useful videos on Youtube, I read personal development books, I made myself uncomfortable by speaking in front of large groups of people, making uncomfortable phone calls. But most importantly, I convinced myself that I could overcome this.


With dedication, practice and radical action, the stammer I had since I was a small child started to dissolve.

I will never forget the first time I made a call to a stranger and didn't stammer once. I cried myself to sleep that night. But this time those tears were happy tears.

What I do know, is that with dedication and self-belief you can win big.

Developing a radical sense of self-belief was the turning point for me and I convinced myself that I could do anything. I went on a life coaching course and fell in love with the practice. 

So I quit my 9-5 job and decided to go self-employed as a life coach. Just like that!

This took some guts as I had a mortgage to pay and bills galore. But I took a massive leap of faith because I truly believed in myself.

I then started running motivational events and they were all sold out successes. I couldn't believe it!

After my business success I decided to transition into business coaching in 2019 so I could help others quit their job too and run their own business.

Today I travel the world, work with amazing clients and I have the total joy of finally living out my purpose, whilst helping others to do the same!


Within the first 12 months of quitting my 9-5 day job and going self-employed, I worked with more life coaching clients than I could count, I worked with my motivational hero Les Brown (the world's Number One Motivational Speaker), I had delivered eight sold out events, I featured on BBC Radio 1, BBC WM, The Voice newspaper and the Birmingham Mail for my revolutionary work. I delivered stress management and meditation workshops for the NHS and I delivered a meditation workshop at the Wellbeing Festival, which is Europe's biggest wellbeing festival.

I also visited The Gambia, Africa on two separate occasions to deliver empowerment and self-love workshops in schools and volunteer in the local community.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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