What my clients say about working with me through coaching and attending my events.

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Teresa Dawkins

I cannot thank Chantel Sachanna enough!

Prior to engaging in coaching sessions with Chantel, I lacked confidence with moving forward despite having dreams and goals I wanted to develop. I had become a serial self-sabotager, harnessing and engaging negative thoughts and behaviour which were blatantly and indirectly preventing me from growing and achieving.

As well as lacking confidence, fear also played a big part. Fear of the unknown and what others thought also contributed. 

Coaching sessions with Chantel helped me to identify where these negative thoughts came from and how to manage  them. The  coaching also helped me to be clear about how to manage my fear, anxiety so that I could move closer to my goals. The sessions were incredibly successful in supporting me. 


Today my vision is clear, my confidence continues to flourish and I am now challenging myself every day.

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Tariro Masocha

Working with Chantel Sachanna has been the most incredibly inspiring journey for me. She has such an abundance of energy which is very contagious and I have never in my life met someone so highly charged in a positive way!

During our time working together we worked on building momentum for my upcoming publication. She provided me with several revolutionary strategies to help me to remained focused on my goals, she supported me on the road to completing my book and provided me with so many mind feeding techniques that I could use daily to build momentum if I ever got out of routine at any point. It has been so helpful and I made incredible progress with my book! The regular accountability has also been really invaluable and I absolutely recommend Chantel. You will walk away with life-changing wisdom 
and practical tips that are easy to apply immediately.

Thank you Chantel!

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