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Chantel Sachanna is a Business Coach who also delivers a range of workshops and events around the UK.

Chantel’s energetic and highly inspirational events are always sold out successes and attract a wide audience.

About Chantel’s Audience

Chantel’s audience are typically women between the ages of 25-60 years old. 

These women run their own business and some are aspiring business owners. They are super ambitious with big goals and passionate about personal development. 

Event Promotion 

Chantel Sachanna’s events are promoted via offline and online media including:

- Facebook sponsored adverts
- Instagram sponsored adverts
- Email marketing
- SMS marketing
- Radio
- Newspaper/press coverage
- Flyers/Leaflets
- Social media
- Networking events

Why be a sponsor?

Chantel’s events offer you the opportunity to gain access to your direct audience and promote your product or service.

Sponsoring Chantel Sachanna’s events also offers excellent brand promotion for your business and strengthens your reputation as a business with values and integrity.

Sponsoring Chantel Sachanna's events also offers the following opportunities:

- The opportunity to deliver an on stage talk to the captive audience.
- Your branding on the inspirational marketing materials.
- Your brand on the event ticket page.
- Your name mentioned in all main sponsored social media ads.
- Your branded pull up banners around the venue.
- Complimentary tickets for staff or clients.
- Benefit from onsite branding including your brand on projectors, on screens during intervals etc.
- Get your leaflets or marketing materials in front of audience members on the day.
- Reach the audience members.
- Hit your corporate social responsibility targets.
- Be part of unique and exclusive events.
- Share Chantel Sachanna’s powerful vision of empowering women.

Sponsorship Rates
If you’re working with a particular budget, please let me know and I will always do my best to assist you.

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