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*During this uncertain period for entrepreneurs all over the world, VIP Power Sessions can be obtained for 50% off the usual investment*

Coronavirus is disrupting businesses, lives and your future. Chantel Sachanna has made the executive decision to half the price of her VIP Power Sessions to make her coaching more accessible for entrepreneurs who need her the most.


Not only will Chantel Sachanna be coaching you, she will actually do some of the work for you, and come up with marketing ideas, managing strategy, implementation and much more!


Chantel Sachanna, the coach who supports her clients to scale to 6+ figures in their business is offering you a VIP Power Coaching session to support you to move through this period with clarity, faith and a strong plan.


This is an exclusive experience for the go-getting entrepreneur who wants to get to their next level in their life and their business.


Chantel will be coaching you, and guiding you through the process to taking your business, side hustle and life to the next level. 


This is an online experience where the session will be ONLINE, so you can be anywhere in the world to work with Chantel.

This is an experience for the most ambitious, committed entrepreneurs who desire to elevate their business to unprecedented new heights.


Throughout our journey together, you will develop a new mindset, new tools and a more refined plan.


You will develop power you’ve never felt before. Power to create, manifest and the realisation that you CAN maintain your biggest business and wealth desires.


1. Online video or telephone coaching session with Chantel Sachanna. You will get up to 2 full hours with Chantel.

2. A tailored social media and marketing plan and support with converting social media followers into buyers.

3. A plan to take your services online, if they are not already.

4. A guided visualisation to REMIND you of your desires and why you started in the first place.

5. A plan to help you to manage your finances during this challenging period.

6. Support to help you develop and maintain a positive attitude 

throughout this period.



*Once payment has been made, please check your emails as Chantel will contact you to schedule in your session. In the event that this email enters your spam folder or you cannot locate it, please click HERE to contact Chantel*


By making payment you are agreeing to the terms outlined on my website

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By making payment you are agreeing to the terms outlined on my website